If you’ve read our first blog, Packing Doesn’t Have to be a Pain, you may have remembered reading about an essentials box. If you haven’t read our first blog, we forgive you, but seriously go check it out! Now if you’re like most people, you are probably scratching your heading, thinking what exactly is an essentials box? Well, we are here to explain!

An essential box contains items that your family (and pet(s)) will need in the first 24-48 hours in your new home, post-move. An essentials box will include any valuable items or goods that you would like to keep separate from the moving truck that will be absolutely needed the first night in your new home. Think: electronics, sentimental jewelry, or your daughter’s favorite stuffed animals…

When trying to sort out all your belongings, it may seem impossible to sort out the regular items from the essentials. But remember not everything is going to be essential post-move. Keep the essentials to a 4-5 box limit, more or less depending on the size of your family. These boxes should include basic cleaning supplies: trash bags, disinfectants, wipes, and paper towels. Give the kitchen, main bedroom(s) and bathroom a quick clean when you first get to your new home. After you quickly cleaned these areas, start to unpack your essentials items to each room accordingly. These essential items should include medications, toothbrushes, toothpaste, toilet paper, hand towels, enough utensils and flatware for takeout (we suggest pizza!), and any bedding materials needed to make the move more comforting. If your mattress and bed frames are already moved in, then you can place the bedding on properly. If not, we advise bringing an air mattress and pump for the first night or two. Think about including small snacks, drinks, a tablet and an old school board game to keep small children occupied and entertained.

The essentials box should also contain any valuables or goods that you may not want to include in the moving truck. This would include family jewelry, laptops, important documents (birth certificates, passports), or anything that you prefer is with you. The essentials box can contain anything you’d like to have, maybe your favorite tea or coffee, to start the next few days off right! Your essential boxes can be kept with your or you can ask your movers to pack it in the truck as the last item in. Clearly mark your essentials box so you know where it is in the sea of boxes in your new home. We hope this month’s blog will make the new move easier for you and your family!