Moving house can be stressful as you see the costs slowly adding up. With proper planning, it is possible to keep the expenses down.

Compare My Move have compiled this guide featuring some of the best tips to help you save money on your 2019 house move.

Compare Removal Companies

Hiring a removal company for your house move is highly recommended. They will be experienced in carrying out home removals as well as being fully insured, so you know your personal belongings will be in safe hands.

If you compare moving companies, you’re guaranteed to receive a lower price than if you chose the first company you come across. By using a comparison website, you’re guaranteed to save money on your 2019 house move.

Book the Cheapest Day to Move

If you can be flexible with your moving date, try and request one of the cheapest days to move house. Sunday takes the crown as the cheapest day to move house, with Tuesday ranking a close second, if you’d prefer a week day.

It’s advised to avoid moving house on a Friday as many people prefer to move on this day with the weekend allowing longer time to settle in, without booking time off work. The downside of moving on a Friday is that many removal companies will put up their prices to match the demand.

Declutter Before you Start Packing

Before packing, you should set aside time to have a thorough declutter of your personal belongings. Not only will this help to give you a clear mind, but will also save you money on the removal cost as you will be taking fewer items to your new house.

Start by creating separate piles of items that can either be sold, donated to charity or recycled. If you’ve never used or hardly used an item, it can be sold or donated. You can put the money you make from decluttering towards moving house costs.

Use Free Packing Materials

Save on the cost of paying for a packing service by making the most of what you already have. Pack your delicate and fragile items in towels and blankets, not only will this save on space, but will lower the cost of your removal quote. It’s also worth looking on sites like Gumtee or Facebook marketplace for free boxes.

Local shops and cafes will have cardboard boxes and materials from deliveries that they’ll be more than happy for you to take off their hands. Use old newspapers to wrap your plates and glasses in safely without splashing out on bubble wrap.

Don’t Waste Food

Put off ordering a food shop until you’ve settled in your new house and aim to use up all your food from the cupboards, fridge and freezer within the week before you move. If you can’t do this, donate the food that’s suitable to foodbanks or homeless shelters. This way you won’t be wasting money spent on food as well as helping to contribute to a good cause.

From comparing removal companies to decluttering before you pack, these are just a few of the many ways that will help you to save on your house move for 2019.