Construction and Drop Shipping

With Atlantic Coast, you don’t have the expense of maintaining a large corporate warehouse miles from your job site. We work directly with vendors to coordinate, ship, track and update receiving reports on all your shipments. We safely and accurately ship all your materials and equipment.

  • Construction and home remodeling on site drop shipping
  • Major renovations to interior design projects
  • Commercial projects to minor home repairs
  • Products received and stored, delivered on site as needed


We are affiliated with over 700 clean, modern distribution centers in the U.S., with 300 overseas. Not only do we offer secure storage to keep your facility’s goods and materials safe, we also offer freight management services. We keep you informed every step of the way.

  • Servicing local casinos and organizations
  • Warehouse storage for goods and distribution as needed

Warehouse Storage

Our 45,000 sq ft warehouse is fully licensed and insured. All materials are protected from fire, theft, dust, and water damage.

  • Crate storage inside our onsite warehouse
  • Temporary or long term options available
  • 7ft by 5ft standard crates hold between 1000-1200 lbs
  • Cost determined per weight, includes warehouse handling
  • DOD & Government-approved storage
  • Vehicle Storage


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