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Warehouse Storage

Our 28,000 sq ft warehouse is completely secured, government approved and insured to protect
against theft, fire, mold and water damage. With multiple racking, shelving, and crating systems,
shipping containers and on-site storage trailers Atlantic Coast Moving and Storage can provide
a storage solution for almost anything!

Non-Temp Household Goods Storage

All household goods that come into storage are inventoried, packed into our 7ft x 5ft standard wooden shipping vaults, and labeled before being stacked for the duration of its stay.

Commercial goods and FF&E Products

With an expansive open floor space, we are able to warehouse and store stacked palletized commercial goods, amenities, supplies, and products. Warehouse receiving reports, inventories, and all shipping and packing lists are provided upon receipt of any items. All goods and items are organized, and stored until called for delivery and distribution.


*Pricing is determined depending on which type of storage is required, the estimated duration of its stay, and sometimes project specific per contracted rates.* Call today for a quote or if you are interested in a project bid.

Some storage is priced per weight and will be calculated at a predetermined rate set per every 100 lbs. Other storage rates will be determined by the number of pallets and or items received based on square footage required to accommodate.