Self storage companies have specific rules and guidelines that spell out the things you can and cannot put into public storage. Some of these are no-brainer items, and although we’d like to think that most people out there have an inherent understanding that self-storage is for purposes like furniture storage, car storage, and storing boxes of household items, sometimes it’s best to spell it all out. Below is a list of the top 10 things you positively, absolutely should never put in public storage.

  1. Live animals or plants. Apart from qualifying as outright cruelty (for both animal and plant) storing either will attract insects and vermin.
  2. Stolen property. Self storage companies could find themselves in seriously hot water for knowingly allowing this.
  3. Hazardous materials. Anything that can cause serious damage in the event of an inadvertent spill should be kept far away from self-storage.
  4. Noxious materials. These can not only result in damage to property, but also cause serious health issues to individuals exposed.
  5. Flammable materials. Causing a fire could open you up to some serious lawsuits and could result in the destruction of property and loss of life.
  6. Perishable items, like food. Unless all you’ve got are canned goods, keep these out of your self-storage facility as they’ll bring in the vermin.
  7. Illegal drugs. Simply put, don’t try to turn your self-storage space into a grow room. There’s no surer way to get turned in.
  8. Explosives and WMDs. This should go without saying, for obvious reason.
  9. Firearms or weapons caches. Although some self-storage companies do allow the storage of registered firearms, there are very strict rules about their storage and you may be required to carry extra insurance.
  10. People. This goes for both living and dead. If you’re looking to get rid of someone, drop them off at the bus stop or call the morgue. Self storage companies aren’t in the business of people disposal.